under circumstances

been reading this manga series, Beck. basically its about a group of person together in a band trying show what’s true music to others. With hardwork and passion, combine with some help from older people who still believes in changing the music circle, they hope to do it.

sometimes i wonder, if its not for the high standard placed on having a good education or should you say, a piece of paper showing your worth, will i be doing something different now. seems like money and status are too impossible to be given up. status is something i can live without, money i can’t say much about that, its overrated.

scroll through my mind and i have dreams that are much more valuable then having a degree. but i just don’t have courage to take that extra step out to pursue. its just that the society had put out the list of things you should do or have to be successful in life, people just followed. i envied those that are brave enough to chase their dreams, i can’t, there’s still things that i have to be responsible for. its my excuse.

chasing your dreams, seems like a thing so faraway for me now, its good to be naive when you were younger, you have nothing much to be worried about. wings that are able to spread freely across the sky and reach out to the sky above you. nothing is impossible during those days.actually, nothing is impossible


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