small things matter

something i saw while surfing

Every man express himself differently. Some are loud, others are silent.

Just share this with you guys, I was an poor poly student many years back. I worked hard with two part time jobs in order to help my family and my own living expenses. I barely meet my weekly needs and managed to save up a couple of hundreds buck to prepare them as living expenses for my exam periods. Then one day, I walked passed a jewelery shop and something caught my eyes. Yes, this will make her(my 1st ex) smile and happy and I brought it with all my existing hard earned saving. And yes, she did smile brightly when she wore it that night.

However, here we are, the same man who hardly say “I love you” more than 2 times as I can count for those years we had been together. She used often complaint that I am like a piece of wood and do not care but little does she know that this is the same wood who will not go to bed till he knows that she’s back home safely after late entertainment and often forced himself to eat fermented bean curd with her even he nearly vomit after every meal of it.

Sometimes we need to be contended at times. No one is perfect. Instead of pondering why he is uncaring and unromantic, start thinking and focusing on the little hidden gestures that he did purely out of love. You will be much happier person.

they may be things that you never really take the effort to appreciate or notice, but if it’s gone, you will feel it missing. this applies to your family, friends and people around you.


1 Response to “small things matter”

  1. January 18, 2009 at 2:38 am

    It really is the little things that count, overt gestures because they are so obvious get rapidly discounted in people’s minds.

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