whatever it is

do humans have faith in each other
what will happen when a group of classmates are put
on an island and only one will be able to leave the island alive
do you turn on each other even with the bond one and another have

in times of desperation and uncertainties
it leads to conflicts and mental stress
months, years of friendship, relationship turns sour
that’s the dark side of the humans
but there are glimpse of light
through the eyes of some individuals
some choose to keep to their beliefs

alrite, that was some plot on some story that was read
the humans are a double-edged sword

aniwaes, the groups of peeps buttered again
no thanks to some breakdown in the air conditioning
darn was the place like a sauna really to blow


4 Responses to “whatever it is”

  1. 1 vnce
    May 22, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    To me, life’s like a masquerade party where everyone else is donning their own set of masks. Living with lies, deceptions, exploitations and a bewildering tendencies to backstab anything that moves. F**king ironies these can be.

    As most believe that in order to build more bridges for themselves they have to start by tearing and burning down others. So this very point is, do you really dare risk uncovering your own mask and be that fool right before everyone? Unmasking might even cause you to lose everything you had in hand, all your mental chess pieces and sets.. So rather just save the troubles by just putting more time and efforts on people that are worth like your own family?gf?wife? These are people with the lowest probabilities to turn against you. But who noessss.

    This notion came clear to me as i try to see things in the most realistic pov as i grow older. Humans behaviour can be the most interesting thing ever, standing by the sidelines and analysing how people turn against one another though they are like good friends? relatives and shites. Boring part is that depicting the epilogue of the whole play can be like picking from a limited list of concluding passages? shrugs, lifes a vicious cycle, yea.

    And yea regarding the island scenario you stated, my thoughts is that the conclusion will amount up to all plotting to eradicate each other as you stated only one can survive. Why not lets put this in a more interesting way? some food for thought kayyy. 8 very good frens ended up trapped in an island, 100% 3 can survive, only 10% probabilities all can survive if they can cooperate and coexist together. What will happen? i guess everyone will pick the 10% chance to cooperate. They will just “act” accordingly but definitely with a strong tendacy in their mind who to kill,strike off and becareful of. As days becomes harder physically and mentally, what will they do? When everyone is suspicious of one another, even the nicest may become the meanest.

    The earliest of civilisations are also being made the same way, through war. Humans wage War with each other for survival but most reason amount up to greed for their own greater good. They unleashed misery and bloodsheds just to attain that. We can even digress further and till the earliest form of humans, the survival of Cro-Magnum men(the more clever species) over the Neanderthal men(dumb but physically stronger) where eventually all neanderthals are clubbed to extinction. Why? Why can’t they co-exist? Because cro-magnums are the more dominating species which lead to us the the predecessor the homosapiens continuing that lineage. So tell me, aren’t the traits of us humans are the same? The wants and urge to dominate, just like our ancestors a million year back.

    Good gracious! It’s this long alr..
    Too free in the office.. hahah

  2. 2 Ran
    May 23, 2009 at 1:10 am

    you just post the longest comment ever in here! woooo

    to me, if people don’t like what they are getting here from me then forget about it, take it or leave it
    it’s all cool, i can’t just be able to mix well with everyone around

    trust is hard to build yet easy to be lost
    think of how many times people focus more on what you have done wrong and not what you have done better
    the scale of balance is not always having equal

  3. 3 vnce
    May 23, 2009 at 4:13 am

    Yes ran, that pretty true on what u say about trust. That why most importantly i feel is that one should just do what they deem is right, free from guilt and be happy. Those you thought are good friends might not even see you in the same way as how u see them.

    Thus this saying, “friends who last, are those that really matters”

  4. May 25, 2009 at 12:50 am

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ok ZC/ran, i get what you mean hahahahaha!

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