do you dream that dream

came across something
every have this déjà vu feeling
seeing things that you have a hint that you dreamed of
during one of your dreams
you cannot remember but suddenly you do
the following might be good to know

blind people dream but they do not see images
though their dream involves the rest of their senses

you forget 90% of your dreams
however many stuffs came from dreams

everyone dreams but differently between the two genders
though both experience sexually related physical reaction nonetheless

dreams prevent psychosis which is hallucinations and false beliefs
results of the lack of sleep in a person

we only dream of what we know of
every faces that you see around you plays a part in the dreams

not everyone dreams in color, some people dream in black & white
however there are similar themes that people dream of

dreams are not about what they are about
so whatever you dream about maybe not be what it really is

quitters have more vivid dreams
you will feel more vivid then normal dreams on things you quitted on

external stimuli invades the dreams
things that happen or urges that you have will happen in your dreams

you are paralyzed while you sleep
a type of hormones are secrete to induce sleep

for the full article just check out
the true source

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