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so the time

after such a long stoppage
gonna shoot some balls
coming morning


08 -> 09

first, let’s start off with events that happen in 2008 that i can rememeber;

  1. Singapore get the nod to host the Youth Olympics
  2. Obama gets elected as President of USA
  3. Deadly poisoned milk powder disaster
  4. F1 Grand Pix in Singapore, first ever night race
  5. Increase of banned smoking areas in Singapore, woo!
  6. Bob is winner of Survivor Gabon + Nick & Starr top in Amazing Race
  7. Kansa Jayhawks winning the NCCA Tournament after Mario Chalmers forced OT with his buzzer beater in regulation
  8. Boston Celtics the NBA Champions

i’m dreading the coming of the 2nd Ox year in my life, and not really thinking about the 3rd one at the moment. one good thing about it is relatives can start asking me about when am i gonna get married. crap.

2008 really pass in a flash, or a blink of an eye. each big or little things that happen in the year makes a new experience you obtained, everyone has it differently, better to learn to cherish them rather then cursing

finally to the more personal things; be it a resolution or watever, getting them will help in the long run, i’m thinking thinking hard about it.

  1. Completed the darn Marketing Degree consisting of the 6 modules
  2. Send tons of resumes to get an advertising job in some firm
  3. Start linking people in the blog, get more friendly
  4. Pickup something new, still thinking about it
  5. Get Fat, eat more and more while keeping with the budget constraints
  6. Get a girl
  7. Become taller, impossible as of now
  8. Get cash with my own hands to sponsor my own car license

and more is always better,

Basketball, lets become less rusty with frequent game time
Comics, its like one of those things that keep me in my childish age
Money, sponsoring my daily expenses and buying rush for stuffs
Friends, what more to say, the more the merrier, i suppose
K Sessions, lets sing till we go sore in the throat & die happily
Time, for the upcoming project deadline in the course programme
Music, keeps my life moving even though i’m feeling down & out


happy man!

more basketball playing please! two days straight, i’m loving it!!

results are out ytd, and i’m a happy man. got unexpected result from one module, overall it’s great, seriously. 6 more modules, 2 more semester to go before getting on with hectic working life.

rants: just don’t bother when people talks bad about you. it’s not worth it. you and your friends know what is happening and being bother by the view of others, in my feel, why care. you live for yourself most of the time aniwaes, but some of those critical stuffs from people who wants you to be better, take it as a big pinch of salt.

i don’t need any high traffic flow around here, this is a blog, not a shopping mall lol. but if you like songs, hopefully i can supply some.



some people are born with it, some gain it through hard work and endurance.
some are with the combination of both.

i love the passion of sports, especially basketball and i understand it.
during my times in the basketball team, i learn about it
“you train hard, you play hard”, what my coach always told us, but i know nothing about it at first.
as time goes by, i knew it, its something really different from like other happy things in life.

its strange that people say why people in sports cries when they fail and even do so when they win. that something maybe they do not know, i do even now when i see some of the games.

tears you drop when you win, when you put in effort but never get the results. its the thing i like about sports. its the passion, its the experience you will never forget and put aches into your heart when you see the familiar scene.


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