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the chinese new year of 2010

this year’s chinese new year
happens at the time when the weather is so warm
the counts of nephews & nieces
just keeps getting larger yearly
we can seriously form teams for soccer & basketball with it
so likewise for the amount of angbaos

if one goes down the tree
the time will almost be reaching your sincerely soon
cos i’m already getting those questions asked

but chinese new year is good
excuses for meet ups and gatherings
the same old catching up & reminiscing about the past
wonder why there’s always a need for such excuses
in order to make people think of doing them
every other day is good too if one has the heart to wanna do it
maybe it’s just a ritual
and there goes the throat


and in comes 2010

so here is the year 2010, wanna do a huge list of recap on 2009
but settled on a simple list within a brainstorm, of what had been learned and achieved

  1. completion of my bachelor degree & into the workforce
  2. maintaining the status quote of own finance
  3. knowing the difference between oneself and others
  4. quality matters more than quantity
  5. realizing the dark side of the bright world around
  6. state of emotional control increased
  7. enjoying more of the  little things
  8. understanding¬† that one don’t have to be the same way as others
  9. being more analytical about people and things
  10. making room for self-improvement for the better

    people don’t stop learning about themselves and the things around them
    its usually how you start perceiving things differently
    whether its for yourself or others around, just put your mind in all sort of directions
    maybe that helps

    so what for 2010?
    as simple as it seems
    career, family, friends, outings
    and add in some cases of things that will amaze me
    things will that don’t seems possible

    all the best for all


woo ah

bit guilty for going to singing
what about the exams
aniwaes ehub was good


Niu Year

its just not the same feeling as we are younger.

during those days, we always look forward to this day, where we can play around, play blackjacks and getting lots of ang baos. as the year passed, it is just a time for all to gather and catch up on what have happen on the past year.but still, visits from my cousins are still nice, at least i can know they are doing good.

alrite, back to happier stuffs. the first day of new year, my house was mob by not less than 15 kids; namely nephews, nieces and cousins. running around and making the whole place seems like a child-care center.i can’t believe i got like at least 3 nephew/niece each from some of my married cousins, it is just increasing as the year past by. Imagine next year. omg.

cousin taught me a korean mahjong type card game called godori, real nice. i got no photos till my cousins post them up.  and chinese new year means tons of good food by my mum and never ending titbits, gonna have a hard time finisihing them. so now its time to shift focus back to the books where the war is gonna to start soon.

Happy Chinese Niu Year peeps!

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