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and so were the thoughts of mine

we’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.
only through our love and friendship
can we create the illusion for the moment
that we’re not alone

and somehow you realize there will always be
things that are going on behind you
which will leave you stranded & surprised


the chinese new year of 2010

this year’s chinese new year
happens at the time when the weather is so warm
the counts of nephews & nieces
just keeps getting larger yearly
we can seriously form teams for soccer & basketball with it
so likewise for the amount of angbaos

if one goes down the tree
the time will almost be reaching your sincerely soon
cos i’m already getting those questions asked

but chinese new year is good
excuses for meet ups and gatherings
the same old catching up & reminiscing about the past
wonder why there’s always a need for such excuses
in order to make people think of doing them
every other day is good too if one has the heart to wanna do it
maybe it’s just a ritual
and there goes the throat


and in comes 2010

so here is the year 2010, wanna do a huge list of recap on 2009
but settled on a simple list within a brainstorm, of what had been learned and achieved

  1. completion of my bachelor degree & into the workforce
  2. maintaining the status quote of own finance
  3. knowing the difference between oneself and others
  4. quality matters more than quantity
  5. realizing the dark side of the bright world around
  6. state of emotional control increased
  7. enjoying more of the  little things
  8. understanding  that one don’t have to be the same way as others
  9. being more analytical about people and things
  10. making room for self-improvement for the better

    people don’t stop learning about themselves and the things around them
    its usually how you start perceiving things differently
    whether its for yourself or others around, just put your mind in all sort of directions
    maybe that helps

    so what for 2010?
    as simple as it seems
    career, family, friends, outings
    and add in some cases of things that will amaze me
    things will that don’t seems possible

    all the best for all


merry merry shen dan jie

Merry Xmas, Shen Dan Jie
and in advances
for the going of 2009
and the arrival of 2010

2nd day of the week marks the start of the events
impromptu session at Beds

3rd day
chalet party at coast sands
gift exchange plus king’s game
and include in the drinks
you should get the idea

and on the eve itself
arena with people and friends
free reverse bungee ride at clarke quay
in the ween hours
talking about crazy things
thus marks the end of the 3 day chaos

and today marks timeout for now
sleep sleep sleep sleep
sums it all up

hope the lack of words explain
the compactness of things that happened


love makes us strong

some drama thingy that cannot be gotten out of the mind
do you ever realize sometimes the things around
subtly say what is truly gonna happen

plans for the xmas & countdown to 2010?
may the fun & enjoyment starts
give ideas on what can be done =)


when one gets too bored

does the amount of presence subject itself to the test of time
no matter how much things before of importance now
when time is added to the equation
soon it will be better much forgotten

such to say about trends and followings
and most of the things around
so is it true when people say memories & thoughts will always stay
while feelings & action may be of the distance past

and what about those people that once left footprints in your life
are they just passing by
or do they stop for a while before moving on
its hard to say that most of them will be around without moving out
there is always so much between the paths will never cut again

so many question marks linger within this tiny brain
sometimes the answers are not always clear
the branches to them are many
as perceptions differ between the many individuals
it’s just what one believe it should be
its about what you trust it is


the day we shabued

marking the day for the papers ending
had the group tradition of
steamboat buffet

sukiya restaurant
three types of shabu meats
tons of veggies & sauces
especially huge mushrooms!

IMG_0514so the do it yourself manual

IMG_0512part of the meat

IMG_0510second part of meat

IMG_0513soup soup soup

went back with tummy almost bursting
not a bad place for some good food

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