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the chinese new year of 2010

this year’s chinese new year
happens at the time when the weather is so warm
the counts of nephews & nieces
just keeps getting larger yearly
we can seriously form teams for soccer & basketball with it
so likewise for the amount of angbaos

if one goes down the tree
the time will almost be reaching your sincerely soon
cos i’m already getting those questions asked

but chinese new year is good
excuses for meet ups and gatherings
the same old catching up & reminiscing about the past
wonder why there’s always a need for such excuses
in order to make people think of doing them
every other day is good too if one has the heart to wanna do it
maybe it’s just a ritual
and there goes the throat


love makes us strong

some drama thingy that cannot be gotten out of the mind
do you ever realize sometimes the things around
subtly say what is truly gonna happen

plans for the xmas & countdown to 2010?
may the fun & enjoyment starts
give ideas on what can be done =)


do you dream that dream

came across something
every have this déjà vu feeling
seeing things that you have a hint that you dreamed of
during one of your dreams
you cannot remember but suddenly you do
the following might be good to know

blind people dream but they do not see images
though their dream involves the rest of their senses

you forget 90% of your dreams
however many stuffs came from dreams

everyone dreams but differently between the two genders
though both experience sexually related physical reaction nonetheless

dreams prevent psychosis which is hallucinations and false beliefs
results of the lack of sleep in a person

we only dream of what we know of
every faces that you see around you plays a part in the dreams

not everyone dreams in color, some people dream in black & white
however there are similar themes that people dream of

dreams are not about what they are about
so whatever you dream about maybe not be what it really is

quitters have more vivid dreams
you will feel more vivid then normal dreams on things you quitted on

external stimuli invades the dreams
things that happen or urges that you have will happen in your dreams

you are paralyzed while you sleep
a type of hormones are secrete to induce sleep

for the full article just check out
the true source


value in number

a number is an arbitrary thing,
but human nature forces us to place a significant amount of value into it.
there are celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries,
numbers that have value only to that individual and special holidays
that are celebrated world wide such as New Year’s Eve.

numbers have, and always
will be a part of the human psyche and the way we view things.
like how the number 13 is viewed as being bad luck

comes from the Norse folklore
about Loki’s betrayal
giving the spear that ends Baldur’s life
he was the uninvited 13th guest at the dinner

and how number 12 is coming so soon
next week


whatever it is

do humans have faith in each other
what will happen when a group of classmates are put
on an island and only one will be able to leave the island alive
do you turn on each other even with the bond one and another have

in times of desperation and uncertainties
it leads to conflicts and mental stress
months, years of friendship, relationship turns sour
that’s the dark side of the humans
but there are glimpse of light
through the eyes of some individuals
some choose to keep to their beliefs

alrite, that was some plot on some story that was read
the humans are a double-edged sword

aniwaes, the groups of peeps buttered again
no thanks to some breakdown in the air conditioning
darn was the place like a sauna really to blow

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