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and in comes 2010

so here is the year 2010, wanna do a huge list of recap on 2009
but settled on a simple list within a brainstorm, of what had been learned and achieved

  1. completion of my bachelor degree & into the workforce
  2. maintaining the status quote of own finance
  3. knowing the difference between oneself and others
  4. quality matters more than quantity
  5. realizing the dark side of the bright world around
  6. state of emotional control increased
  7. enjoying more of the  little things
  8. understanding¬† that one don’t have to be the same way as others
  9. being more analytical about people and things
  10. making room for self-improvement for the better

    people don’t stop learning about themselves and the things around them
    its usually how you start perceiving things differently
    whether its for yourself or others around, just put your mind in all sort of directions
    maybe that helps

    so what for 2010?
    as simple as it seems
    career, family, friends, outings
    and add in some cases of things that will amaze me
    things will that don’t seems possible

    all the best for all


same old thingy

the days where hours are spent
preparing from the finals
are the worst

ridiculous things come clinging
the old times come back haunting
does the surplus of time makes the mind goes crazy

making the same mistake yet again
when it is obvious & clear
sometimes that why people say
history always repeat itself

think about why all the world war happens
the reasons are almost similar
people don’t always learn from their mistakes

maybe the time is ripe now
toughen up & go pass it
giving up too much to obtain intangibles

and i’m listening to too much songs


when the dust settles

so marks the end of the exams
and to give ourselves a pat on the back
we went to

img_0335follow by the clearing of mobs of infected

for the rest there’s too much to say in details
let’s buttered some time again!
bring out the crowd
those who show face namely, qing and yan
have my bows

recall something i saw somewhere
when two persons get into an argument/quarrel
they will shout at each other faces
that’s because the distance between them is
getting further thus the need to shout in order to heard each other
hence when two person are close
sometimes even just being around and not saying anything is fulfilling

so does it applies to two person who
are slowly getting distanced not due to an argument?
human are strange creatures
but still amendments can be made before things get worst


dance with groove

i’m so tired & hungry
decide to sleep away the hunger
updates have to be done later

n147138940143_4083freeflows, drink until you can die
music, best remix i heard for some time

of course,
good mixture of party goers
makes the trip kinda worth it
sure darn going back there some other time
and now hitting the books like never before
where is the scope of study!


faces in sketches

got sketched today
once again we took full advantage of it
in the name of the work as starhub employees

img_0159that guy teaches in SIM

img_0160-horz1the opportunity takers
make some guesses

and for replacement today
this person keeps stunning herself even when nothing really happened
like the one she replaced for this week
and she takes pictures like duh
in a state of blank right now
lack of sleep constitutes to the brain cells in hibernate mode
projects, you will be brought down


2nd day

got airsprayed on sunday during work
so i wanted a star on my wrist

picture-002but its fading like some things around me

also got this weird looking horse thingy

picture-001well, its like foc, why not just try it for the fun of it

have made my decision
think im gonna stick with it
maybe my stubbornness will get me through it

how do you describe things that are intangible
though you still feel it


Niu Year

its just not the same feeling as we are younger.

during those days, we always look forward to this day, where we can play around, play blackjacks and getting lots of ang baos. as the year passed, it is just a time for all to gather and catch up on what have happen on the past year.but still, visits from my cousins are still nice, at least i can know they are doing good.

alrite, back to happier stuffs. the first day of new year, my house was mob by not less than 15 kids; namely nephews, nieces and cousins. running around and making the whole place seems like a child-care center.i can’t believe i got like at least 3 nephew/niece each from some of my married cousins, it is just increasing as the year past by. Imagine next year. omg.

cousin taught me a korean mahjong type card game called godori, real nice. i got no photos till my cousins post them up.  and chinese new year means tons of good food by my mum and never ending titbits, gonna have a hard time finisihing them. so now its time to shift focus back to the books where the war is gonna to start soon.

Happy Chinese Niu Year peeps!

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