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“One of the oddest things about being grown-up,
was looking back at something you thought you knew
and finding out the truth of it was completely different
from what you had always believed”

so much for a less complicated
& pollution free world


always happening

the bloody dory fish memory!


like the clouds

when is the last time one sits down in between the hectic schedule,
sorting out all the thoughts that is cramped up within the many compartments

when you are just passing through time focusing on the main things
and have not looked around for the little things that have been happening,
maybe you are just being mechanical & following the same old process all along
and suddenly, you never felt that lost before

you sat down at some point of time
and realize what have you been doing for the past few weeks/months
you question about whether its the right thing
ditto for the many stuffs running through your head at that instance
and its not for you to make the decision
sometimes or should it be most of the time
the society makes the decision for you

“Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.”


when one gets too bored

does the amount of presence subject itself to the test of time
no matter how much things before of importance now
when time is added to the equation
soon it will be better much forgotten

such to say about trends and followings
and most of the things around
so is it true when people say memories & thoughts will always stay
while feelings & action may be of the distance past

and what about those people that once left footprints in your life
are they just passing by
or do they stop for a while before moving on
its hard to say that most of them will be around without moving out
there is always so much between the paths will never cut again

so many question marks linger within this tiny brain
sometimes the answers are not always clear
the branches to them are many
as perceptions differ between the many individuals
it’s just what one believe it should be
its about what you trust it is


value in number

a number is an arbitrary thing,
but human nature forces us to place a significant amount of value into it.
there are celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries,
numbers that have value only to that individual and special holidays
that are celebrated world wide such as New Year’s Eve.

numbers have, and always
will be a part of the human psyche and the way we view things.
like how the number 13 is viewed as being bad luck

comes from the Norse folklore
about Loki’s betrayal
giving the spear that ends Baldur’s life
he was the uninvited 13th guest at the dinner

and how number 12 is coming so soon
next week


impromptu ftw

sunshine_cleaningmarc’s style blogging with movie review
but shorter
cos i feel like doing bit personal blogging today
another feel good movie supposedly
seen too much of them alr

“when i’m free, no one else is free”
marc next time surely XD
you own meetups!

001nice company + day + walks 😡
impromptu trip to marine
and remembering all that is said
don’t peeps just love the feel of the breeze
looking at the scenery at night

vnce, bottles of E33, long island shots, everything else
like totally just try the green fairy
gets you the same feel with just one shot most likely


what’s the diff

“And maybe someday we will meet, and maybe talk and not just speak.”

preferences with in-depth talking
rather than the need of speeches just to pass time

it’s time like this that things get out of hand
dwelling on the unneeded details
carrying on the unexplainable things
even the words here seems unreasonable

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